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 mages and their card : petrify

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PostSubject: mages and their card : petrify   Mon 17 Feb - 0:47


lets see why dont use that great card:
1. when you use on enemy unit (where else you will? ) that unit get +14hp and if you didint make damage on him he will come back in play in 10 turn ! 10 turn then its great ! no . its not that great in long games .
2. you make free wall for enemy it can be 20+ hp! so your units cant move froward .
3. you can use many better card . you have only 30 card place.
4. if you or your mate use :
  elven thunder units
  the petrifyed unit can get some dmg from this , what is can be bad. yeah its have low chance the thuner goes in that unit. still the dmg    can go for better place.
!im not sure how this working! 5. peted unit get 14hp so when you do arma its not will die. yeah not much left but still you need finish that unit or it will do dmg again.
6. when you use pet on sanced unit : the sanc will be active still so the team units still kill themselves so where is the point to use that? use purge not pet! lets say unit with 4dmg/10hp have sanc its will do 4dmg + 4dmg on another turn
  so you traded 8 dmg for make wall the enemy. i think its bad trade . maybe its only me! if you use another card any good unit that have more than 8hp and you give nothing to your enemy.
7. pet agustus or other big boss? if the enemy is enugh bad to go without priest with dispells then they deserved to lose.
8. pet on healer ? trading 1 skill for 1 unit what not will die? in short run worth it .
i wana see posts why petrify is better than unit or nuke cards!
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PostSubject: Re: mages and their card : petrify   Mon 17 Feb - 20:08

1. i already found petrying our units usefull, petrifying any unit in front of a mate knowing enemy is playing Mifzuna + Hermes wing's. (Afro in 2v2 or TIS(2) at the SD), i won't develop all the cases.
2. If your wish is to stalk, i don't see why not.
3. if you're a mage, Card advantage isn't a pb, Mage is the only class that can get back skills from the graveyard.
6, a rush unit with sanctu can be a pain in the a**, How to stop it ? purge and petrify, purge can deal with sanctu, but petrify can deal with more situations than purge can do, petrify is multi task, while purge is monotask. Plus, Purge is 3 cooldown.
7Petrify on unic cards ( Serka, augustus, etc) usually make the enemy remove it to put an other, especially if they have no priest, Note that those cards are costly to kill with nukes, 15 hp for Serka (if no undead wall), and 25 gor augustus.
RnG, afraid of blocks? Not sure you can crit ? Try petrify! The first product without lies! *advertiser*

PS: Post poorly constructive, much oersonal, much offensive (i removed some parts).

-The Alliance  Cool
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PostSubject: Re: mages and their card : petrify   Wed 19 Feb - 4:19

+1 kryll that was good explain
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PostSubject: Re: mages and their card : petrify   Wed 21 May - 9:32

I know it's late but I Wanted to add that when a creature get « unpetrified » it lose the +14hp bonus too so if a 12 or less HP creature take arma when petrified then get out of pet it will just die.
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PostSubject: Re: mages and their card : petrify   

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mages and their card : petrify
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