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 3 teams at the showdown

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3 teams at the showdown Empty
PostSubject: 3 teams at the showdown   3 teams at the showdown I_icon_minitimeFri 2 May - 2:43

This week (showdown of the 4th of may) we might be able to clim in the guild ranking ... Top 2 cross!
Meaning 3 teams at the showdown. SInce my recent come back, i'm not use about those new teams who succeeded to get recently top 7 and top 4! Of course the additional team won't have any influence on the others.

If i understood well the first team is composed of:
-Juliettttttttte Usually Rush.

Ans the 2nd one, based more on OP cards or counter rush(Nimble):
-PhantomLord (who?)

3rd team, which should be guide by MickeyD, whom of course will be in it will be based on friendship and ponies:

If we unfortunately fail to get this top 2 cross this week (we never know), even if Gods To Obey never fails, should we still bother to get this top 2 cross? or is it too much ask to our guild in term of:
-Donations, 11100 silver per day each until showdown.
- Time, spend in guilboss event (way easier than 4v4) for an average of 250 CP per person for an hour of runs/farming

Simply the problem resides for months, can we build a guild as competitive as any, meaning be the best of the best, and at the same time be the BEST, in matters of crazyness and friendshipness  confused 

Greetings travelers!

-The Alliance  Cool
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3 teams at the showdown
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