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 Desert Fortress

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PostSubject: Desert Fortress   Desert Fortress I_icon_minitimeFri 2 May - 21:23

You hated being rushed? Especially by pegasi sustained by archers? This one is made for you! First things first, stage 1.

 Stage 1:

Intro: The boss of this stage is using warrior spells, nukes of course but overall attack's buffs. To sum, an army of pegasus and archers overbuffed rushing at you (knowing that 8 archers are already on the field when you initiate this stage, helped by 4 walls.). Meaning you'll need a deck with low cd to clear the board rapidly until the boss is out of cards. Flying creatures are hard to play here since the boss is using longbows.

Deck composition:

-Spears: if you have those Elven with nimble, put 'em in! Such as *Elven Legionnaire* and *Elven Praetorian*.
-longbow (and not sniper, otherwise pegasi will be at your feet and behind your archers) *Elven Longbow Archers*.
-*First Ranger Talenorù can't hurt, buffing your longbow elves and spearmen.
-*Elven Thunder Archmage* (4cd) enough life to handle at least 1 attack, this thunder mage will fit perfectly for *Desert Fortress*.
-What do you think about *Centaur Guerilla leader*? tanky enough with his 12 hp, at the maximum of the cooldown curve, and always at your feet to make pegasi unable to fly over.
 As you can already understand, vigilance will be needed (such as Heavy Repeating Crossbow), damage, and overall smartness! 20 is the number of cards sufficient to complete stage 1.

Skill cards
 Nukes will be required for every class, a preference for zone effect spells to deal with the numerous enemy creatures and to kill quickly and *Ophelia West-Wind*.

-Rangers: My favourite spell in this stage for Rangers is *Frenzy*, you can easily kill 4 pegasi at the same time! the reward is too good to whine about the loss of 3 life, even if life points is crucial against this type of rush. *Double Stab* should be also at the rendez-vous.
-Mages: the class that will permess you to temporize with *Petrify*, it can be really usefull and help to temporize by petrifying an archer next to a wall (lane block). *Blizzard* and *Frost Nova*.
-Priests: *Blessing: Sanctuary*, your favourite skill! (or the one you hate the most depending on your point of view), on a little *Elven Longbow Archer* can clear you a lane if it is not used early game. Don't bother taking smite if you're the only Priest, preferably 1 *Righteous Judgement* should be sufficient.
-Warrior: *Slash* and *Whirlwind Strike* should do it. Fissure can come late if draw in a situation of crisis.

Stage 2:

Intro: Boss is now using mage spells,* Fog* *Petrify*, *Blizzard*, *Frost Nova* and *Fireball*. As soon as you arrived on the battlefield to fight this boss, 4 towers will be expecting you! As in stage 1, 4 walls will be also on the field. On this stage,boss will play slowler and not rush like stage 1, simply because this boss will summon creatures with Hero's Bane. Giving more importance to your nukes and capacity to react quickly. (*Tanwen Wildfire* and *King Vel'Assar* are V.I.Ps)

On stage 2, 2 strategies can be used:

-The easiest is to have *Yumi Swiftshot* under *Decay* (Ranger spell), a combo of only 2 cards.
This tactic require to put Yumi Swifshot* under *Decay* in safety, meaning in the backlines, behind creatures you put that will takes nukes and petrify instead of here (of course nimble creatures won't take the nukes so be careful) and deal at least 7 dmg to any new summoned creatures by the enemy boss.

-Combo priest. For this strategy you will have to combo a card with the competence Reckless Shot (*Sylvi Ranger*/*Sylvi Stalker*) with at least 2 *Blessing: Armour* to make a total of 5. This way sylvi won't take any damage, or only one if you put only 2 rare *Blessing: Armour* on her (rare gives 2 armour, and epic gives 3.).
*Blessing: regenerate* can help for this loss of 1 hp per enemy creatures summoned or simply to keep it alive under the aussault of *Blizzard*and Forst Nova*.
*Decay* can fit on her too (if less than 5 armor Sylvi will take the damage of *Decay*
*Dispel* or Sacred Touch* is a must if you're afraid of your Sylvi being petrified!

Deck composition:

Same as stage 1, adding combo(s) for an easiest win, for a total of 25 cards more or less:
-*Aphrodena* can be add to sustained petrified creatures.
-Spears with nimble, Talenor, and Thunder Archmage should be invited to the party here too.
-Few Charge cavalry can be added if you wish to deal rapidly damages to enemy towers such as *Lance Knight* or *Lance Champion*

For the spells, you can use the same as stage 1, removing *Frenzy* if you're a ranger. *Righteous Judgement* if you're a Priest.

Work in progress

Please comment if you see the grammatical errors i made, or to help improve this guide, than you by advance!

-The Alliance  Cool
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Desert Fortress
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