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The Alliance is a multi-cultural partnership between guilds on the game Rise of Mythos.
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 The Alliance : Begins

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Date d'inscription : 2014-02-09
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PostSubject: The Alliance : Begins   The Alliance : Begins I_icon_minitimeMon 10 Feb - 16:12

Through my adventures around these dangerous lands, i've been seeking power all by myself.
I encountered aberrations of nature and unknown nightmarish creatures, up to dethroned kings.
I gathered the bests weapons and magical equipments, but as my journey was sliping away, i was getting closer from the real trip i've been dedicating my life to.
Fighting a common enemy comes with strong bonds between combatants, bringing us to what we're calling nowaday simply :The Alliance.
At first the alliance was a common agreement, not about gathering the upper class focused on their auction house, neather to discuss some futiles conventionals matters around a damn fire, but as way to survive, to prevent others from an imminent danger.
We all know how dangerous those regions can be, isolated part of an ancient people, creatures of the night.
Yes, an alliance forged on our basic instincts to contain our animosity through a community of adventurers.
How many times it crossed my mind, biting your neck, just for a taste...
Prevention turning into tips, tips into partnership to find the rarest treasures, brothers in arms into a good-fellowship.
The Alliance has evolved aiming the envy to share their experience to an all new lvl trough a guild alliance.
From the ionian sea to foreign islands, passing by lands where strange spices are smoked, the Alliance is growing, Tiodin and Abyss, elisw and ELLAS, me and Gods To Obey are now apart of a new adventure, only time will tell about our becoming.
If the goal seems unclear to you, seek for your trueself and imagine what you could with such allies.
Being apart of the process is more valuable than waiting 'til the finality. Join us.
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Date d'inscription : 2014-02-10
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PostSubject: Re: The Alliance : Begins   The Alliance : Begins I_icon_minitimeMon 10 Feb - 20:13

Gods waiting for you !
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The Alliance : Begins
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