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 Heaven Rapture

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Date d'inscription : 2014-05-18

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PostSubject: Heaven Rapture   Heaven Rapture I_icon_minitimeFri 23 May - 14:18

Hey we shall do it for this boss to shan't we ?

First of all : the boss.

A big angel with 98 HP for normal and 137 for hard. He basically play only 3 creatures (the following are for hard boss) :

In brief : one big angel that get very big when he has more friends. He reflect magic dmg and can't suffer any debuff.
One small angel with vigi and lifelink
One angel that is ridiculous when his summoners his under 50% HP and big otherwise. Notice that he deals holy dmg.

But the hardest part of the boss come from his spells. And they're pretty awesome :
- A massive thunderstorm that hit ALL the field (+players) and deal 55 dmg allocated by target (which mean 13/14 to each players if you have no creatures) He uses kinda lot of it.
- A massive Righteous judgement that hit all lane for attck*2 holy damage to all creatures. He uses it pretty rarely.
- A spell that instant kill target creature and convert his life into HP for boss (the damage are inflicted to the creature, which mean sanc counter it) he has some but not a lot.
- Portals in the 5th row that remove all buffs from any ennemy that walk in it. To be clear it remove all buffs coming from spells, it won't reset a battle abbes stats for example. he doesn't use it in the early turns but more around turn 10.

I think that the normal and the hard boss have to be taken with different approaches :

For normal it's kinda easy, a typical good spike rush will work and give you the win in 2/3 mins max.
The biggest pro with rush is that boss will quickly goes under half HP so his biger angels will only be 1/11.
It may fail if you play with weak players though, if you don't manage to reach him kinda quickly you'll soon be overwhelmed by big angels and die.
Plus notice that if the game last too much he'll summon his portal who stop you from getting any boosted creature to him

Consider that all the strategy used for hard also works here but it take more time of course.

For the normal boss I will consider there is 2 ways to do it.

1) The Classic King's Mausoleum stage 2 strategy which require 2 priest and 1 warrior and consist of playing a multiple hit creature and perma sanc it. Best are silvy bladesoul, the little silvy bladesoul but i forgot the name (same capacity just lower HP) and OFC the Silvy deluxe I call Sensei Callista who will destroy the boss in 2 turns.
The thing is you don't really need mage here so ranger can play this too. The very easy way is to play heroic vigi sanced callista and she'll one shot the boss after 3 turns.
If you go the silvy way (i can understand a very few players got a callista) take care of your hp because every thunderstorm from the boss will deal 11 dmg to each players (and to the boss too due to sanc).
the other hint is to give counterAttack to silvy to make her the poor man callista. it can be even faster to do it that way.
you don't really have to bother with the portals as they're very likely to come way too late, understand way after your killer crossed the field.

2) This is the hardest way to do it. Do it only if you dont have priests with you because it's more likely to fail.
Make him use all his cards and kill him. Why is it harder than for other bosses ? Because he use spells that directly damage all players, and he use it many time, because he can instant kill all the field and because he play creatures with 7 attack power and holy damage which make all the heavy armor or dmg reduction creature less uselefull here.
I didn't mention the angel that grow with other and reflect magic dmg, the best way to stop that one is knight lawrence as desp soul has magic dmg.
So basically we have 2 problems to deal with when going that way :
2.1) No dying from all the direct dmg. To deal with it the simplest way is to play many creatures as they'll take some dmg for you. If they have reflect it's even better. If they have resistance they will tank the dmg better too. You can also play those new angels released in 1.5 that take dmg for you to absorb it. And that's not all. The elf's wall arcane tower crystal works perfectly fine here taking the dmg for 3 players, it's available for 2500 silvers in elf reput so everyone can bring 2/3 in their deck, consider they also absord sudden death damage. judge Alexandra works very well with those towers (and in any situation where you have 4 players in your team anyway). You can also use angels that give some life when they die but the amount isn't high (3/4HP usually). Finally a very good way to survive is to play lifelink angels, the legendary one is 4/14 vigilance and does a great work when it comes to keep you alive.
2.2) Dealing with 7/11 holy dmg and big angels. For the 7/11 their is 2 solutions. Actually 3 if you count velyn as a solution because velynn works wonderfully here anyway. the other solutions is to inflict 69 damage to the boss but forget it. last solution is to put even bigger monster in the play to kill them. say hello to fenris doom rider abbesses.. Ofc whales cards like kings works very well but few people got those cards. Spells also have a good importance here. They're 4 CD cooldown which mean ranger db kill them and leg slashes from warrior too. Other ranger dmg spells are fine too (true shot and double stab) Priest got sancs ofc and judgement which are very good spells here (take care of reflect for judgement though). The best spells come from mage : fireball is good, pet and freeze can lock a lane or 2, thunderstorm always good damage, poison swamp almost lock a lane alone, armageddon kill all the angels except the one with reflect (take care of it or use...) the best spell here : forgetfullness ! It makes all the big angels ridiculous and very easy to kill.
With that beeing say, it's of course better to go with 50+ HP players as it will help surviving.
If i had to suggest a deck pick some spells from what i listed above depending which classes you use and here are some creatures you may apreciate :
Yumi (you can take decay)
Doom rider
Arcane crystal tower
Desperate soul
Smasha rulk
Zeeva Stonebreaker
Knight lawrence
Judge Alexandra
Vigi angel (forgot her name)
All dragons that hit for 4*1 and reduce physical dmg to 3.
Black market caravan and morgana whitch are not bad as the angels will always be packed
Ancient Chimera
Crossbow captain are good cause angels have 0 armor
And ofc all the VIP gamebreaker crap : king vael'assar, augustus, bael, lionrar, oracle el priestess, magic fist simon, taurus

Finally I've heard about some people who managed to rush hard boss too but every try I did didn't worked at all. Boss just kill them and regen his hp while overwhelming your remaining creatures with enormous angels who heal him even more..

Hope this help; good luck mates.
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Heaven Rapture
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