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 A strange arrivai and a new encounter

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A strange arrivai and a new encounter Empty
PostSubject: A strange arrivai and a new encounter   A strange arrivai and a new encounter I_icon_minitimeMon 1 Feb - 5:34

Part 1: A Strange Arrival

Darkness is a path they naturally followed. Souls being consumed, flesh being ripped off, war is in their blood. If their race is meant to fall to pieces, they shall bring down their sworn enemy with them.

In the breath of the wind, few trees shaking with the cold,crumbled rocks asking for more time, fearing to get thrown down to a river. A river threading it's one's way through the bottom of a large canyon, afraid of the sea getting closer and closer, like an adventurer who recognize the end of his quest, the end of my quest.

I've been a traveler, but regarding my quest, it was unclear to me.
Some can spend their life looking for an artefact, or gratitude; some fools even believe in love, searching for their soul mates or affection from any god. Gods don't love; otherwise i wouldn't be here. Where mortals saw fate, i've seen an opportunity. That is how it all began(...)
It was a shinny morning, not even a cloud to hide from the yellow sun. My legend was born this day, a farmer boy saw my winged body, now made of flesh and bones, 'Fallen' from the sky or higher, me, trying to weaken my fall with what little wings i had left. My landing was not quite what i expected, i felt what you mortals are calling, pain. This unbearable pain became my burden for the next coming days. Fortunately i founded a narrow cave upon that headland, it could have been my crypt if i hadn't meet those creatures(...)
As soon as i entered the cavern, a smell of burning flesh came to me; How could i recognize this smell knowing my recent incarnation among the earthborn you might wonder? Because i smelt it while falling down, now that i think about it, it might explains my back-pain, should i be able to fly again? To escape from this world of sinners? Only time will tell, if i have some left. The path was dark, but my eyes were getting used to the obscurity. As i was getting forward deeper into the cave, touching the walls to not fall (again?), noises of chewing were getting closer and louder, such as brightness, but my body decided a different approach, i fainted in a last shout,without any words coming out of my mouth, Gods help me, ahah, Gods.

Part 2: A New Encounter

I woke up on a small bed made of dry leaves, i was put on the side to prevent my wings from getting worse, and a bowl of water was in front of me, classic. my torturers will surely ask me who i am (or 'what i am'), and why am i here. And when they won't be satisfied, my tourment shall begin.
A deep voice behind me came to my ears.
'I Never saw such.. things'. Of course you never did was I thinking, how could you. Then, going on on his speech he added 'You're not from here, may i know from what tribe you are issue?'
A tribe, archaic communities of sauvages, their only hobby is to make war to each other. Seeing i was not answering, he stopped the useless talks and started to put an unknow substance, surely a medecine, on my wings. They certainly want to keep me alive for the moment, which does not bode well for the future. That was my last thought before my eyes decided to close, and for me to take a longer rest.
When i awaked for the second time, things where slightly different. few candles were surrounding me, casting dancing shadows on the walls, when i tried to stand up, a familiar voice started talking.
'Not yet, you might feel better but your body isn't ready. May i know at least your name?' he almost whispered. For once, maybe due to the lack of strengh, my aggressivity was gone. The atmosphere was more proper to something else, something.. Something we need to experiment at least once, i was about to trust him. I turned back with difficulty to put a face on the mysterious voice. I couldn't see him properly, he had a blue coat made of feathers on his back and seemed young, not what i expected from the man who cured me. I was also able to perceive the color of his eyes, gold. After a long silence i decided to answer.
'Nephyriel' i said without any subtleties. 'May i have the...' the following word was unexpected coming from me, '...honor to know your name?' I asked hesitating.
'Time hasn't come for you to know who i truly am.' It is always hard to discern bullshit from wisdom, the separation between them is too thin, that is certainly why it is hard to master.
'You should rest few more days, then i shall come back to you, important matters are calling me'. I wanted to ask why, but i knew i won't have any answers back, i decided to stay silent once more, to avoid the backlash from my previous silence. Only stupid questions were coming to my mind. Is it worth saving me?

-The Alliance  Cool
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A strange arrivai and a new encounter
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