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The Alliance is a multi-cultural partnership between guilds on the game Rise of Mythos.
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 Prince Serka

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Date d'inscription : 2014-02-09
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PostSubject: Prince Serka   Prince Serka I_icon_minitimeMon 10 Feb - 16:15

Born in the Bazaar, I used to be apart of the most wealthy family, it was one of the numerous still fighting for their lands in the Forbidden Zone. My memory is troubled, except for one thing...

I remember clearly this night, a night like every night, as cold as the previous day, as dark. I can easily remember my father, telling me a story, a fuzzy story though, about creatures, creatures of the night looking like us, but nothing like us...

Then all of a sudden, the warm and protective atmosphere began to fall into pieces, the appearance of shadows dancing by the candle and running on the walls started like if it was a part of my father's tale.
All i can remember next is a fuzzy feeling, a... burning sensation around my neck, like if the devil took the life out of me without asking, giving me a little compensation for what he did, i could feel it.. the power entering my body.

Skiping the years that followed, i'm now apart of Gods To Obey, where the price of blood is all.
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Prince Serka
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